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 Final chapter of Nika Delivers added July 18, 2011.

Star Trek Voyager, 
  ST:TNG, & The Devil Wears Prada   This website is dedicated to fiction involving Relationships between Adult  Women, Yes, dames who like dames in 'Adult' situations! If this idea bothers you (not the  good  kind of bothered!) or you are underage, or if such fiction is illegal where you live, then continue at your own risk.                  






<2005 SILVER LABIA Awarded for Ch. 2 of Nika Delivers


 DISCLAIMER: Star Trek Voyager and its charactes belong to Paramount - no in fringement intended. The Devil Wears Prada belongs to Twentieth Century Fox and Lauren Weisberger  - I am merely promoting the awesomeness of their creations - no profit made! 

FRINGE (coming soon)

         ~ How can I resist Blair Brown with cybernetic enhancements & Anna Torv - together,  in the same SF show? ~ I Cannot.


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